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环境科学  2007 

Pilot study on the treatment of ultrafiltration for laundry wastewater recycling and reuse

Keywords: ultrafiltration(UF),laundry wastewater,recycling and reuse,membrane fouling,ultraviolet(UV) disinfection,anionic surfactant (LAS)

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A pilot study of the treatment for laundry wastewater recycling and reuse on the spot was carried out by ultrafiltration (UF) with different membrane material of PAN, PS and PP. According to the analysis of membrane fouling combined with UF effluent quality, PAN membrane was superior to the others. It removed the turbidity, suspended solid, fat oil and grease effectively, but kept anionic surfactant (LAS) to a certain degree in the UF effluent which is beneficial to recycling and reuse. By correlation analysis, it was found the high COD concentration of effluent was caused by LAS remained. The whiteness and softness of cotton cloth washed by UF effluent for a long-term was not different with that washed by tap water. The removal of bacteria and E. coli by UF membrane was not very high, and so UF effluent was disinfected by ultraviolet (UV) further. As the dosage of UV was not less than 3 750 J/m2, the microbial level reached the China national standard of drinking water. The optimal UF operation condition is to backwash two minutes every thirty minutes' filtration. Adopted alkali liquor of pH 11 to 13 to carry out chemical cleaning, the membrane flux was recovered completely.


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