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光子学报  2009 

Generation of the Femtosecond Optical Pulse Compression Pair Base on Cross-phase Modulation

Keywords: Pulse compression pair,Femtosecond light pulse,Cross-phase modulation,Raman redshift

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It was numerically simulated that under Raman scattering effects,high-order soliton pump-pulse at wavelength anomalous dispersion district and signal pulse wavelength in the normal dispersion,through cross-phase modulation effects ,produce compression pulse pair.The results show that ,because of the Raman effect,the femtosecond signal pulse is no longer maintain symmetry,and the lagging behind the blue shift pulse peak power decreases with the increase of transmission distance and solitons redshift appear.And it is found that with the Raman coefficient increasing,the lagging blue shift lower peak powerdecreases with the increase of the advance redshift pulse peak power.Finally,the order of soliton and positive and negative walk-off effect impact on the change of pulse compression pair were analyzed.


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