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Effect of Additive Elements on the Performance of the Zr_(1-x)Ti_x(NiCoMnV)_(2.1) Hydrogen Alloy Electrode

Keywords: Zr1(xTix(NiCoMnV)2,1 hydrogen alloy electrode,hydrogen storage alloy,discharging capacity

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Zr1(xTix(NiCoMnV)2.1 hydrogen alloy electrodes are prepared by adding different conductors, binders and additives. The discharging capacity is tested for each electrode. The results show that the properties of the Zr1(xTix(NiCoMnV)2.1 hydrogen alloy electrode with nickel conductor are apparently better than that of the electrode with carbon black. The electrode with nickel conductor and Ag additive is the best, the first time discharging capacity of this electrode can be up to 215 mA(h/g, and plateau value is about 90%.


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