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光子学报  2008 

Down-hole Seismic Survey System with Fiber-optic Accelerometer Sensor for 3-Dimensions Vertical Seismic Profile

Keywords: Fiber-optic sensor,3D-VSP fiber-optic accelerometer sensor Array,Fiber-optic michelson interferometer,PGC,Receiver array local bus

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A down-hole seismic survey system that can be applied in three dimensions vertical seismic profile (VSP) detection in petroleum exploration is demonstrated. The results of experiments show that the system has a dynamic measurement range of 80dB (ratio of maximum to minimum value) and the total delay for signal collection,process and communication is less than 200ms @ 2k bit sample rates. An array consisting of six fiber-optic accelerometers (receivers) is applied in this system. Each receiver is comprised of three fiber-optic Michelson interferometers. High-speed DSP chips are employed to realize the PGC demodulation and other algorithms to obtain the seismic information. Multi-ARM CPUs are introduced into the system to design the fiber-optic accelerometer array controller and the receiver array local bus. The design and experiments of the system are given in this paper in detail.


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