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地球学报  2001 

The U-Pb Age of Zircon from Late Caledonian Granitoids in Hongliuhe Area,East Tianshan Mountains,Northwest China and Its Geological Implications

Keywords: U-Pb age of zircon,the subduction of plate,later Caledonian,East Tianshan Mountains

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Based on the Studies of the chronology, geochemistry of elements and isotopes of two granitoid plutons in Hongliuhe area, East eastern Tianshan Mountains,Northwest China,it is inferred that Hongliuhe pluton(zircon age being 441.4±1.6Ma) and Hongliuhebei pluton(zircon age being 440.9±3.1Ma)were formed in Late Caledonian .The ages determined not only confirm the existence of Late Caledonian magmatic activities in East Tianshan Mountains ,but also demonstrate the intimate relationship between the magmatic activities and the subduction of the Kazakstan-Junggar ocean plate beneath Tarim plate.


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