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大气科学  2013 

Progress in Cloud Physics, Precipitation, and Weather Modification during 2008-2012

Keywords: Advances,Cloud physics,Weather modification

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In this paper, major progresses in the studies of cloud physics and precipitation as well as weather modification during 2008-2012 have been reviewed and summarized; the important scientific issues that need to be solved urgently in the future have also been discussed. This paper reviews the current status of the advances in cloud-resolving models and simulation studies, observational studies on remote retrieval of cloud and precipitation, influences of aerosol on cloud and precipitation, and modeling and measurement of weather modification processes. Cloud and precipitation play critical roles in the atmospheric water cycle, climate change, weather forecasting, and reduction of atmospheric water resource exploitation and meteorological disasters. Therefore, it is important to improve our understanding of the formation, temporal and spatial structure, and evolution of cloud and precipitation.


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