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The Landscape Ecology Spatial Pattern and Land Use and Cover Change Research in the Center of Gansu Province
甘肃中部地区景观生态格局与 土地利用变化研究

Keywords: the center of Gansu province,Lanzhou Metropolitan Coordinating Region,landscape ecology,land use and cover change

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The landscape ecology pattern and the land use and cover change in the center of Gansu province were investigated through land use/cover classification of two sets of TM/ETM images acquired on July 31, 1996 and May 23, 2000. Through calculating to get the indexes of landscape ecology to judge the region's ecology pattern, analyzed the region's land use/cover change in the time-spatial course, it is important to research the relation between the human and the land for the north -west region in China which the cities and towns is dense. The research results are as follows: lower and middling cover rate grasslands constitute the substrate in Lanzhou Metropolitan Coordinating Region. The valleys and transport channels constitute the region's substance and energy corridors. The research region belongs to districts of human impact intensified. The nature surroundings is the form basic in ecology pattern, the water is the most important factor to change the region's appearances. The relation between the land and the water in the region dominate the change direction in Lanzhou Metropolitan Coordinating Region. In the 19 administration regions, Lanzhou and Linxia city have changed distinctly in the process of Great Western Region Development. From 1986 to 2000, the land's expanding is the main factor in the region's land use, the agriculture structure adjustment changes the landscape patterns.


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