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Discussion of Spatial Linkage of Freight Transportation by Highway in Provincial Region——Taking Liaoning Province as an Example

Keywords: highway,freight transportation,spatial linkage,Liaoning

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This paper uses economic geography analytical methods and basic theories of thetraffic geography,regards Liaoning Province and affiliated 14 cities as the research object,analyzes in depth the characteristics of formation,growth,distribution and exchange of the highway freight transportation in Liaoning Province."Hub-and-Spoke" network originated from airplane transportation.In this paper it is applied to road freight transportation network,and this is a creation."Hub-and-Spoke " network has already become the basic mode of highway freight transportation network in provincial region,and it embodies "Dual-nuclei" structure characteristic at the same time.This text divides highway freight transportation network of Liaoning Province into two systems of Shenyang-Dalian and west of Liaoning.In conclusion,the industrialization and transportation linkage of Liaoning Province enters middle and later periods,and the regional concentrations index of the traffic volume of the goods is high relatively.There are following characteristic in the highway freight transportation spatial linkage in the provincial region: there is one or several central cities,the volume of goods transported is decided by the nature of the city to a great extent,goods transportation is not closely related to the distance,and coastal port exerts a tremendous influence on the spatial linkage and so on.


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