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New Cognitions on the Researche of Ecosystem Services

Keywords: ecosystem services,three phases in process,some problems,further studies

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Ecosystem services should be paid more attention for it can evaluate the tradeoffs between human and nature in a better way. In this paper, firstly, based on time and some typical papers, projects etc, the researching process on ecosystem services are classified into three phases for the first time:(1)primary phase, which mainly focused on basic theory; (2)developing phase which mainly focused on ecosystem services valuation and methods; and (3)highly developing phase which mainly focused on ecosystem services application. Secondly, major problems in current research are pointed out, including: using some concepts correctly, choosing directors and scale correctly, some economic problems and the unification of every kind of valuation. Finally, the in-depth studies are suggested to be focused on: (1)intensifying simulation by models; (2)contrasting researches based on unification;(3)tradeoffs between human activity-ecosystem services-human wellbeing; and (4)values of different ecosystem services.


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