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PML Implementation for ADI-FDTD in Dispersive Media

Keywords: Finite Difference Time Domain(FDTD),Alternating-Direction Implicit(ADI),Perfectly Matched Layer(PML),Dispersive media

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Alternating Direction Implicit-Finite Difference Time Domain(ADI-FDTD) is unconditionally stable and the maximum time step size is not limited by the Courant stability condition, but rather by numerical error. Compared with the conventional FDTD method, the time step size of ADI-FDTD can be enlarged arbitrarily. In this paper 2D PML implementation is proposed for ADI-FDTD in dispersive media using recursive convolution method. ADI-FDTD formulations for dispersive media can be derived from the simplified Perfectly Matched Layer (PML). Numerical results of ADI-FDTD with PML for dispersive media are compared with FDTD. Good agreement is observed.


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