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MJO Simulations by GAMIL1.0 and GAMIL2.0

Keywords: MJO,GAMIL evaluation

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GAMIL2.0 is the newly released version of the Grid-point Atmospheric Model of IAP LASG (GAMIL), in which the major modifications from GAMIL1.0 include an updated deep convection scheme and the incorporation of a two-moment bulk stratiform cloud microphysics scheme. This study evaluates the performances of both versions on Madden Julian Oscillation (MJO) simulations. The results show that GAMIL2.0 obtains an enhanced MJO eastward and northward propagation, which is weak in GAMIL1.0, and it reproduces a more reasonable MJO major structure coupling upper level wind, lower level wind, and outgoing long wave radiation. The contributions of each scheme and factor to the improvement of GAMIL2.0 simulations need further study.


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