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A new perturbation method to the Tent map and its application

Keywords: perturbation,Tent,degradation,chaotic

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Disturbance imposed on the chaotic systems is an effective way to maintain its chaotic good encryption features. This paper proposes a new perturbation method to the Tent map. First it divides the Tent map domain into 2^N parts evenly and selects a particular part from them, then proliferates the Tent map mapping trajectory of this particular part, which can disturb the entire system disturbance. The mathematical analysis and simulated experimental results prove that the disturbed Tent map has uniform invariant distribution and can produce good cryptographic properties of pseudo-random sequence. These facts avoid the phenomenon of short-period caused by the computer's finite precision and reducing the sequence's dependence on the disturbance signal, such that effectively compensate for the digital chaotic system dynamics degradation.


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