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Modification to poloidal charge exchange recombination spectroscopy measurement in JT-60U tokamak

Keywords: 托卡马克装置,原子能,光谱学,等离子体

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With consideration of the effects of the atomic process and the sight line direction on the charge exchange re-combination spectroscopy (CXRS), a code used to modify the poloidal CXRS measurement on Tokamak-60 Upgrade (JT-60U) in Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute is developed, offering an effective tool to modify the measurement and analyse experimental results further. The results show that the poloidal velocity of ion is overestimated but the ion temperature is underestimated by the poloidal CXRS measurement, and they also indicate that the effect of observation angle on rotation velocity is a dominant one in a core region (r/a 〈 0.65), whereas in an edge region where the sight line is nearly normal to the neutral beam, the observation angle effect is very small. The difference between the modified velocity and the neoclassical velocity is not larger than the error in measurement. The difference inside the internal transport barrier (ITB) region is 2-3 times larger than that outside the ITB region, and it increases when the effect of excited components in neutral beam is taken into account. The radial electric field profile is affected greatly by the poloidal rotation term, which possibly indicates the correlation between the poloidal rotation and the transport barrier formation.第一段]


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