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Cluster-assisted generation of multicharged ions in nanosecond laser ionization of carbon bisulfide clusters at 1064nm

Keywords: carbon bisulfide,multicharged ions,cluster,coulomb explosion

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The photoionization of seeded carbon bisulfide molecular beam by a 1064\,nm nanosecond Nd-YAG laser with intensities varying from $0.8\times10^{11}$ to $5.6\times10^{11}$\,W/cm$^{2}$ have been studied by time-of-flight mass spectrometry. Multiply charged ions of S$^{q + }$ ($q$ = 2--6) and C$^{q +}$ ($q$ = 2--4) with kinetic energy of hundreds of electron volts have been observed, and there are strong experimental evidences indicating that those multicharged ions originate from the ionization of CS$_{2}$ neat clusters in the beam. An electron recolliding ionization model is proposed to explain the appearance of those multiply charged atomic ions under such low laser intensities.


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