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Scattering characteristics of conducting cylinder coated with nonuniform magnetized ferrite

Keywords: scattering,inhomogeneous ferrite,conducting cylinder,scattering matrix method

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An analytical technique, referred to as the scattering matrix method (SMM), is developed to analyse the scattering of a planar wave from a conducting cylinder coated with nonuniform magnetized ferrite. The SMM solution for the nonuniform ferrite coating can be reduced to the expressions for the scattering and penetrated coefficients in four particular cases: nonuniform magnetized ferrite cylinder, uniform magnetized ferrite-coated conducting cylinder, uniform ferrite cylinder as well as homogeneous dielectric-coated conducting cylinder. The resonant condition for the nonuniform ferrite coating is obtained. The distinctive differences in scattering between the nonuniform ferrite coating and the nonuniform dielectric coating are demonstrated. The effects of applied magnetic fields and wave frequencies on the scattering characteristics for two types of the linear profiles are revealed.


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