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Filling Rules of Bevel Gears in the Closed-die Cold Forging

Keywords: Bevel gear,Closed-die cold forging,FEM,Filling rule

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The closed-died cold forging technology of the bevel gears used in Jada car was investigated. With the analysis of the strain field and velocity field of the plastic deformation and the endured forces of the dies, the filling rules for the metal were analyzed by the elastic-plastic finite element method (FEM). The results show that there is a great difference among closed-die cold forging, extrusion and forging, as far as the metal flowing is concerned. The outer addendum cannot be filled completely in the closed-die cold forging of the bevel gears, and the round angle will be formed. But it does not influence the application of the bevel gears. At the beginning, the rigid area is formed in the cavity of the lower die. And then it will move upwards to supply the metal for the gear filling. For the closed-die cold forging of the bevel gears, the force acting on the upper die and the lower die is significantly different.


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