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Efficiency of Chalcone Compounds Inhibitors for Acid Corrosion of Al and Al-3.5Mg Alloy

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Corrosion inhibition of Al and Al-3.5Mg alloy by organic compounds, namely chalcones in hydrochloric acid solutions has been investigated by rapid polarization technique and weight loss method. Polarization measurements show that, the inhibitors act cathodically both in case of Al and Al-3.5Mg alloy. It was found from the weight loss measurements that, the inhibition efficiency depends on the substituent in the chalcone compound. The relative inhibitive efficiency of these compounds has been explained on the basis of structure dependent electron donor properties of the inhibitors and the metal inhibitor interaction on the surface. The inhibition efficiency ranges from 16 to 64% for Al and from 30% to 91% for Al-3.5Mg alloy


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