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Microstructural Characteristics of Underwater Shock Consolidated Aluminum Composites

Keywords: Shock consolidation,Aluminum composites,Microstructure,Strength characteristics

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Metal matrix composites (MMCs) offer extra strength and high temperature capabilities in comparison with unrein-forced metals. Aluminum composites possess higher stiffness, strength, fatigue properties and low weight advantages. Carbon fiber reinforced Al composites (Al-Cf) and silicon carbide particulate reinforced Al composites (AI-SiCp) were shock densified using axisymmetric assemblies for underwater explosions. Unidirectional planar shock waves were applied to obtain uniform consolidation of the composites. The energy generator was a high explosive of 6.9 km/s detonation velocity. Irregular morphological powders of Al were the base material. The reinforcement ratio was 15 Vol. pet for Al-Cf composites and 30 Vol. pet for AI-SiCp composites. The microstructural and the strength characteristics of the shock consolidated Al composites are reported.


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