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Isolation and Identification of Metal Resistance Green Alga

Keywords: Chlamydomonas,Metal resistance,Morphologic,ITS

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A total of 62 green alga strains were isolated from the soils of Nanshan Mountain, Xinjiang. Used the blot method to characterize these metal resistance, the results indicated that XJU-3、XJU-28 and XJU-36 have resistance to 0. 1 mmol · L~(-1) Co~(2+) ;XJU-28 has resistance to 1 mmol·L~(-1) Zn~(2+) and Fe~(3+) , XJU-36 has resistance to 0. 05 mmol·L~(-1) Cu~(2+). Taxonomic evalua-tion of the three strains were investigated based on the morphology and the internal transcribed spacer (ITS) regions (including the 5. 8S). Based on morphological characteristics, the three strains were likely to Chlamydomonas. Phylogenetic reconstruction with the Neighbor-joining (NJ) method using sequences of ITS(including the 5. 8S) indicated that XJU-3 and XJU-28 are closed to Chlamydomonas zebra. XJU-36 is closed to Chlamydornonas petasua.


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