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Soil biological evaluation on ecological remedy of damaged riparian.

Keywords: 受损河岸,生态修复,土壤生物学,评价,受损河岸生态系统,生态修复工程,土壤性状,生物学评价,ecological,biological,evaluation,模式,自然修复,生态改造,混凝土,社会价值,景观,经济成本,生态系统稳定性,生物多样性指数,改善,含量,土壤有机质,动物种类,微生物

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In order to explore the theory and technique about the restoration of damaged riparian ecosystem, this paper evaluated the remedy effect of artificial spotted habitats that have been built for four years on the damaged riparian ecosystem based on soil biological principles. The results showed that in restored area, the quantities of various soil microbial species were significantly higher, and the species, quantity, and biodiversity of soil animal as well as the contents of soil organic matter, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium were all higher than those in un-restored area. After successful restoration, the soil conditions in damaged riparian were significantly improved, which resulted in an increase in soil biodiversity and enhanced the stability of this ecosystem. The remedy technique for the damaged riparian by using artificially spotted habitats not only consumed less cost, but also exhibited great ecological, landscape, and social values, providing a new model for the ecological reconstruction of damaged concrete riparian and the approximately natural remediation of damaged riparian.


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