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遗传  2001 

植物基因工程表达载体的改进和优化策略 Strategies for Optimizing Expression Vectors Used in Plant Genetic Engineering

Keywords: 植物,转基因,表达载体,优化,Key,words,plant

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外源基因在转基因植物中表达效率低一直是令相关研究者困扰的一个问题.转基因植物的生物安全性最近在全球范围内开始引起世人的担忧.本文简要介绍了近年来在植物表达载体构建方面所采用的一些新策略,这些策略有助于增强外源基因的表达水平、提高生物工程体的安全性。 Abstract:The low expression level of foreign genes in transgenic plants is a puzzling question for researchers in plant genetic engineering.The biosafety concern is now causing a growing public wariness of transgenic plants around the world.This article reviews the new strategies currently used in construction of plant expression vector for plant genetic engineering.These strategies are important for obtaining better expression of foreign genes and developing safer transgenic plants.


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