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遗传  2001 

作物数量性状基因研究进展 Advance in Crop Quantitative Trait Loci

Keywords: 作物,数量性状基因,精细定位,克隆,QTL利用,Key,words

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分子生物技术的发展对作物数量性状基因(QTL)研究提供了条件,不同的定位群体各有其特点,相继出现的QTL定位方法也逐步完善.大量的研究揭示了QTL的基本特征,剖析了重要农艺性状的遗传基础,给作物遗传改良带来了新的策略,不断深入的研究已经完成了特定QTL的精细定位和克隆.本文从QTL的定位群体,定位方法,研究现状,精细定位与克隆,以及QTL利用等方面对作物数量性状基因的研究进行了综述。 Abstract:With the rapid development of molecular biotechnology,QTL analyses were executed for a lot of important agronomic traits in many crops.Different experimental populations and mapping methods had their own advantages in QTL analysis.Amounts of studies paid attention to locate the QTLs for important traits,and others tried to disect the genetic bases using molecular markers.Near isogenic lines were the best populations for QTL fine mapping and positional cloning,A few studies had been reported their results on materials with improvement traits using marker-assisted selection.This paper summarizes the recent progress on QTL mapping populations and methods,the status of QTL locating,QTL fine mapping and positional cloning,and QTL.application in breeding.


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