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遗传  2002 

Progress of Molecular Biology of CMS in Maize

Keywords: maize(Zea mays L,),CMS,mtDNA,gene associated with fertility

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In the paper,we have summarized the molecular biological accomplishment acquired and accepted by most of maize researchers on CMS of maize. A brief review of current molecular biological progress of CMS of maize are displayed in the paper. These progresses concern in the positioning,cloning and maker-assisted selection of nucleic genes associated with fertility,expression and cloning of cytoplasmic genes associated with male sterility,In order to elucidate the molecular mechanism of CMS of maize, the areas about cloning and expression profiling of male sterile nucleic genes, and functional genomics of mitochondria, and interaction cytoplasmic genes with nucleic genes will need to be researched in the future.


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