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遥感学报  2010 

Cloud and shadow removal from Landsat TM data
Landsat TM遥感影像中厚云和阴影去除

Keywords: Landsat TM,image data,cloud and shadow,spectral analysis,cloud removal

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Cloud removal is an important step in remote sensing image process. In this paper, the author proposed a new algorithm for cloud removal using multi-temporal Landsat TM image data based on spectral characteristics analysis. Through the spectral characteristics analysis of the thick cloud region and its shadow region, the thick cloud and its shadow identification models were designed. Using image regression, unsupervised classification and pixel replacing techniques as well as these models, the influence of thick clouds and its shadows can be eliminated or reduced in the Landsat TM images. The result shows that the algorithm can eliminate or significantly reduce the cloud influence from Landsat TM image data.


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