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遥感学报  2011 

Rice mapping using ALOS PALSAR dual polarization data
ALOS PALSAR双极化数据水稻制图

Keywords: ALOS,PALSAR,L-band,rice mapping,Bragg resonance

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Fine beam dual polarization data onboard Advanced Land Observing Satellite-Phased Array type L-band Synthetic Aperture Radar (ALOS PALSAR) for Hai'an, Jiangsu, China acquired in 2008 were used to analyze rice backscatter features at L-band SAR for the development of rice mapping method. Similar temporal change trend of backscatter was observed at L-band SAR to that of C-band. With the dependence of HH backscatter on the spatial distribution structure of the rice canopy, Bragg resonance scattering has been observed in some mechanically planted fi elds due to extremely enhanced backscatter, making it diffi cult to map rice using L-band SAR. However, the HV polarization is not subject to Bragg resonance. Considering the Bragg resonance effect in HH polarization, a rice mapping method was proposed based on the temporal change characteristics of backscattering coeffi cient by the synergistic use of HH and HV polarization images of ALOS PALSAR. A mapping accuracy of about 88.4% was achieved.


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