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Optimality Conditions and Duality for Nonsmooth Multiobjective Optimization Problems with Cone Constraints

Keywords: Nonsmooth multiobjective optimization problemzz,Saddle pointzz,Generalizedcone-invex functionzz,Weakly effcient solutionzz,Weak (strong,converse) dualityzz,Kuhn-Tucker condi-tionzz

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In this work, a nonsmooth multiobjective optimization problem involving gen-eralized invexity with cone constraints (for short, (MOP)) is considered. The Kuhn-Tucker necessary and su?cient conditions for (MOP) are established by using a generalized alterna-tive theorem of Craven and Yang. The relationship between saddle points and weakly effcient solutions of (MOP) is developed. Furthermore, the Wolfe type and Mond-Weir type weak, strong and converse duality results for (MOP) are presented. These results extend and improve corresponding results of others.


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