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Colloidal gold immunochromatographic strip for rapid detection of melamine

Keywords: melamine,colloidal gold,immunochromatographic,strip

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To develop a specific, rapid, and convenient immunochromatography assay (ICA) to detect melamine residues in dairy products and feed sample. Colloidal gold particles labeled with purified monoclonal antibody against anti-melamine were used as the detector reagent. The MEL-OVA (the conjugate of melamine and ovalbumin) and goat anti-mouse melamine IgG were blotted on the test and control regions of nitrocellulose membrane. The strip was then assembled with sample pad, absorbing pad, and dorsal shield. The limit of detection (LOD) is 50 mg/L. The test trip was applied to detect melamine in milk, milk powder, and animal feeds, with detection limits of 100 mg/L for milk, 100 ng/g for milk powder, 200 ng/g for feeds. Compared to LC-MS/MS, the ICA could be used to screen a large number of dairy products and feed samples for melamine residue.


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