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生态学报  2011 

The coupling relationship and emergy analysis of farming and grazing ecosystems in Mu Us sandland

Keywords: farming and grazing ecosystems,coupling relationship,emergy analysis,Mu Us sandland

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Aiming at real productivity of frail farming and grazing ecosystems in Mu Us sandland, basing on coupling theory of complex ecosystem, Uxin banner where grazing is dominant and Yuyang district where farming is the main character were selected as research object by means of using emergy theory and analytic methods, it analyses the primary productivity, secondary productivity and the coupling status of the farming and grazing system in those two areas for 27 years. And it comes up with a possible evolvement regulation of the extent of agro-ecosystem coupling. The results show that the industrial development model of Yuyang distric is farming-dominant, but Uxin banner is the grazing-dominant; Yuyang district has the tendency of pig, poultry production, but Uxin banner has the tendency of herbivorous animal production; the primary productivity, secondary productivity, A, B and SCD in those two areas are all increasing, and the SCD has the increase in the shape of "three-stage" in 27 years. In conclusion, this paper brings forward the developmental methods of farming and grazing ecosystems coupling in Mu Us sandland, it is expected to provide credible theory supports and direction to healthy development of the farming and grazing ecosystems.


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