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生态学报  2001 

The seed bank and it''s germinative characters of the Distylium chinensis community in Guizhou,Maolan Karst forest

Keywords: Karst,seed rain,seed bank,present community

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There are 59 kinds of spermatophyte in the 900m 2 sample plot of the Distylium chinensis community in Maolan Karst forest.Among them 19 critical species produce ripe seeds 238.8/m 2·a.The seed rain is 351.1/m 2.The number of the germinative seeds in the seed rain which enable the community to regenerate is 150.8/m 2.Before the germination there are 41 kinds of germinative seeds with number 2642 0/m 2 and nineteen of them are produced by the present plants.After the germination,there are 28 kin...


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