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生态学报  2000 

Effects of sloping land use patterns on phosphorus loss in a micro-watershed of red soil area,Southern China

Keywords: phosphorus loss,slope land use patterns,micro,watershed ecosystem

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The study was conducted in a Paixichong micro watershed ecosystem of Deqing County,Zhejiang Province.The results obtained showed as follows:(1)Phosphorus loss varied obviously in different land use patterns.The order of phosphorus loss was bamboo field>upland field>newly exploited orchard>early tea plantation>China fir forest>waste grassland.(2)Particulate phosphorus(PP)was the major form of phosphorus loss with the run off.The average of PP in total phosphorus (TP)was 78 07% but varied with land use patterns.Dissolved phosphorus(DP)in total phosphorus(TP)in waste grassland,forested land and early tea plantation were 35.29%,31.49% and 27.65%,respectively,which were higher than other land use patterns.(3)The phosphorus loss seriously occurred in bamboo field,upland field and newly exploited orchard was attributed to the consistency of agricultural activities during the rainy season.


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