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Determining Effect of Lime and Urea Treatment on Crude and Digestible Nutrient Content of Wheat Straw

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This study was conducted to determine the effects of lime and urea treatment on crude and digestible nutrient content of wheat straw. Experimental diets consist of 80 percent straw treated with combination of 2 or 4 % urea and 2.5 or 5% lime or untreated straw and 20% ground wheat grain. An apparent digestion trial was conducted according to 5 x 5 Latin square design using 5 Awassi ram lambs, 5 diets, and 5 periods. Diets containing treated straw had lower organic matter (P <0 .01), higher crude protein content ( P <0 .05) than dirts with untreated straw . All the diets had the similar crude fat and fiber content (P > 0.05). Urea and lime treated straw containing diets had better organic matter, crude fiber, and crude protein digestibility than untreated straw containing diets (P < 0.05) . Treating wheat straw with lime and urea also improved dry matter intake and organic matter intakes and decreased diet consumption and chewing lenght ( P < 0.05).


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