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Study of Genetic Variability of Natural Population of Allium roseum L.(Alliaceae) In Tunisia

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Twenty eight populations of Allium roseum plants (Alliaceae) in Tunisia, belonging to five bioclimatic stages, were characterized with seven reproductive vigor descriptors: Number of Seeds produced per plants (NS), Number of Small Bulbs (NSB), Number of Mean Bulbs (NMB), Number of Big Bulbs (NGB), Total Number of Bulbs (TNB), Seeds Weight (SW) and Weight of Total Bulbs (WTB). The data underwent an analysis of variance and a factorial discriminant analysis and the Mahalanobis distances between the populations were calculated. Significant differences existed between the populations for the 7 descriptors and the discriminant analysis revealed 4 main groups among the Tunisian Allium roseum plants. The populations in the 5 bioclimatic stages were not homogeneous and bioclimatic stages of origin did not seem to be the main factor structuring the variability of the study populations. There proved to be substantial genotypic variability in the Tunisian material for the vigor descriptors. Variation within the same bioclimatic stage was extremely important.


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