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Serological Prevalence of Q Fever and Chlamydiosis in Camels in Saudi Arabia

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Tests for antibodies against Coxiella burnetii and Chlamdophila abortus were conducted in 460 and 186 Saudi camels, respectively, using an enzyme immunoassay technique. The serological prevalence of coxiellosis was 62% while that of chlamydiosis was 19.4%. Neither of these infections was associated with overt clinical disease in the camels and in both cases seropositivity was higher in adult than young camels. The prevalence of antibodies against C. burnetii was closely similar in male and female camels, while a much higher prevalence of anti-chlamydial antibodies was observed in female as compared to male camels. This is the first record of both infections among indigenous camels in Saudi Arabia.


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