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Emerging Viral Diseases of Zoonotic Importance-Review

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Zoonoses are generally defined as animal diseases that are transmissible to humans. They continue to represent an important health hazard in most parts of the world, where they cause considerable expenditure and losses for the health and agricultural sectors. The emergence of these zoonotic diseases are very distinct, hence their prevention and control will require unique strategies, apart from traditional approaches. Such strategies require rebuilding a cadre of trained professionals of several medical and biologic sciences. Since there is no way to predict when or where the next important new zoonotic pathogen will emerge or what its ultimate importance might be, investigation at the first sign of emergence is particularly important. Some of the important viral emerging and reemerging zoonoses are several encephalitis causing viruses, hantaan virus, rift valley fever virus, rabies, influenza, SARS corona virus, nipah virus, hendra virus and hepatitis E virus. The success of detection and control of these emerging zoonoses is largely based on international solidarity and cooperation. In this review article we summarized some of the emerging and reemerging viral zoonotic diseases, their probable cause and importance in the process of causing life threatening pandemics.


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