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Research into the Empathic Skills and the Anxiety Level of Adolescents

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In this research, it was aimed to determine the empathic skills and the anxiety levels of adolescents and to find out whether gender caused differences in empathic skills and anxiety levels. A total of 388 adolescents attending second-year at high schools participated in the study. A "General Information Form" was used to obtain some information about the adolescents, the Empathetic Skills Scale-Form B was used to determine their empathic skills and the "State and Trait Anxiety Inventory" was used to assess their anxiety level. The data were tested analyzed by means of SPSS. The findings were tested by a t-test for independent samples and Pearson Correlation Coefficients. Statistical differences were set at p< 0.05. The results revealed that there is a significant differences in the trait anxiety levels of adolescents by gender (p< 0.05), however; there is no significant differences among gender and empathic skills and the state anxiety levels of adolescents (p>0.05). Additionally, the research was, also, cited that there is no meaningful correlation among the empathic skills and the state and trait anxiety levels of adolescents.


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