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A Smart Structures Concept for Truss and Tower Systems

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Truss and tower are normally designed for specified loads. But in certain cases, they may be subjected to loads over the design values. The objective of this study, is to provide a smart control, which comes into effect only when the specified loads are exceeded by certain margins. To demonstrate the introduction of smartness, a three-dimensional, three-panel tower system is chosen. Actuators, which activate corrective control to externally applied forces at the nodes of the tower, are provided on the members of the tower. The control forces within an active control system are typically generated through actuators based on feedback information from the measured response of the structure. This study focuses on providing in-built smartness to handle both force and deformation when unanticipated loads up to 100% increase over a short duration act on these systems. The example highlights how suitable control forces are generated and how the system under combined action of unanticipated and control forces balanced.


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