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Effect of Bio-Enzymatic Soil Stabilisation on Unconfined Compressive Strength and California Bearing Ratio

DOI: 10.3923/jeasci.2011.295.298

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Design of the various pavement layers is very much dependent on the strength of the sub-grade soil over which they are going to be laid. Sub-grade strength is mostly expressed in terms of CBR (California Bearing Ratio). Weaker sub-grade essentially requires thicker layers whereas stronger sub-grade goes well with thinner pavement layers. The pavement and the sub-grade mutually must sustain the traffic volume. The Indian Road Congress (IRC) encodes the exact design strategies of the pavement layers based upon the sub-grade strength which is primarily dependant on CBR value for a laboratory or field sample. For an engineer, it is always important to focus on optimal design of thickness of pavement which fulfills both strength and economy criteria. The strength of soil can be improved by suitably adding stabilizing agent resulting reduction in thickness of layer. Hence in the present study, three different soils with four different dosages for 2 and 4 weeks of period after application of bio-enzyme on its strength parameters were studied. It is inferred from the results that addition of bioenzyme significantly improve UCC and CBR values of selected samples.


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