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Behavior Technical Analysis of the Asynchronous Motor

DOI: 10.3923/ijepe.2011.49.53

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The analysis of the asynchronous motor working regime in presence of some failure constitutes a big interest for the mastery of the risks that the motors incur in a fabrication line in presence of damage. It especially contributes to improve their working safety and to enlighten the making decision for the electric machinery exploitation confronted to some undesirable modes. It is vital to know the consequences of these asynchronous motor failures on the equipment and especially the operating staff in order to forecast the necessary safety measures. In some laborious or specific operating conditions (metallurgy, cement factory), the induction motors are subject to simple or combined electric defects of the stator and rotor coils. This research essentially targets the survey and the analysis of the technical behavior and the faculty to operate of the asynchronous motor confronted to the apparition of these defects confining to the state of stationary working of the asynchronous motors. The length of the transitional processes is considered very minimal and can prove to be insufficient for the appreciation of the limits associated to the defects. Some experimental statements have been done on 2 types of motors. They have been compared to the numeric results and proved to be very conclusive.


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