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Movement Consideration from Magnetic Forces Calculation of Rotating Magnetic Bearing

DOI: 10.3923/ijepe.2010.73.77

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This study presents the comparative studies between an analytical and numerical calculation of magnetic forces of a radial magnetic bearing. When an unlaminated rotor rotates in a radial magnetic bearing, eddy currents are caused to flow inside the conducting material of the rotor. These eddy currents change the magnetic field of the radial bearing and therefore, the forces on the rotor depend on the eddy currents. Additionally to the levitation force, a tangential force acts on the rotor. When this rotor is excited, the tangential force additionally leads to a cross coupling between the x and y axis which may destabilise the system. It will be shown that the forces of a radial magnetic bearing depend on the pole configuration. It can be seen that the calculation of forces depends on the configuration of the system which considered two; NSNS and NNSS.


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