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Novel Low Cost Green Plug Smart Filter Soft Starter (GP-SF-SS) Schemes for Small Horse Power Motorized Loads

DOI: 10.3923/ijepe.2010.113.146

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The study presents a family of novel switched smart filter compensated devices using Green Plug Smart Filter Soft Starter (GP-SF-SS) devices for small single phase induction motors used in air-conditioning, ventilation and water pumping. GP-SF-SS devices are members of a family of smart switched filter capacitor compensation devices developed by Sharaf for energy conservation and enhanced utilization of cyclical and temporal type motorized loads. GP-SF-SS devices are equipped with a dynamic online error driven optimally tuned controller that ensures improved power factor, reduced feeder losses, stabilized voltage, minimal current ripples and efficient energy utilization/conservation with minimal impact on the host electric grid security and reliability. The proposed schemes can enhance the power quality; extend induction motor life span by reducing overheating due to inrush currents and harmonics. They prevent overheating and possible motor damage. The family of GP-SF-SS schemes is intended for use with residential/commercial motor drives used in water pumping, ventilation, air conditioning, compressors, refrigeration applications. The family of Green Energy devices and filters is based on concept of avoiding cyclical variations and transients in voltage and current to ensure uniform quasi steady state power and energy load demand.


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