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Managing Some Psychosocial Problems Affecting the Learning of Nigerian Schoolchildren with Hearing Impairment

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Children with hearing impairment are always a heterogeneous group. Each child is very unique on account of onset, nature and severity of his hearing disability. He is also very peculiar as a result of his developmental experiences. Therefore, as a schoolchild he would present some psychosocial disorders which would to some extent count against his school learning. This study therefore, highlighted some psychosocial problems which the Nigerian child with hearing impaired contends with in his school learning. The problems are classified as common and specific. Common since such problems equally apply to all children, disability notwithstanding. Specific because such problems are often consequent on the prevailing hearing disability of the same child. This study therefore presented some identification and remediation procedures premised on Edward Ezewu s Clinical Sociological Model of Social Therapy which could be applied to managing common psychosocial problems and Abiola Ademokoya s Hearingloss-Induced Behaviour Disorder Therapy for managing specific psychosocial problems. How school teachers, therapists, counselors and other service providers working with schoolchildren having hearing disability can administer these management interventions were also discussed.


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