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Effect of Constraints on Carp Production at Rajshahi District, Bangladesh

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This study was conducted for 1 year from January to December, 2007 under the department of fisheries, Rajshahi University, Bangladesh with and aim to find out the constraints of carp production. It deserved from the study that among many problems financial crisis is the prime issue to the carp farmers. About 34% farmers consider it as a main problem of carp culture, which is quite normal as most of the fisher-folk of Bangladesh are very poor. Then, seed problem, feed problem, fish poaching, lack of sufficient water in ponds, disease problems, pond poisoning problems are facing by the 25, 14, 11, 6, 4, 4 and 2% farmers, respectively. Somewhere, ownership problems are also present. Besides, another important issue is technological adoption of the carp farmers. No one is present who follow all the recommended technological facts completely for carp culture. From the study, it is found that dyke repair, removal of weed fish, liming, manuring, maintain proper stocking density, health monitoring, pH test, DO test, turbidity test, supplementary feeding etc. are done by the 56, 83, 70, 66, 31, 5, 2, 2, 35 and 80% farmers, respectively. So the water quality and environment is not maintained to grow the fish properly. Moreover fishes do not get proper nutrient rich feed. Illiteracy is one of the serious problems of carp farmers. A clear deviation is found in carp production from educated farmer (5670 kg ha-1) and illiterate farmer (3250 kg ha-1). All the above mentioned factors all together are hindering the carp culture of Rajshahi.


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