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Groundwater Subsurface Investigations in Pachipenta Mandal, Andhra Pradesh Using Vertical Electrical Sounding Resistivity Surveys

DOI: 10.3923/ojesci.2012.1.5

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This study was carried out with the aim of demonstrating the application of vertical electrical sounding method of investigation in the exploration for groundwater in Pachipenta Mandal and environs. A total of 9 VES points were probed located in 4 settlements spread at a distance of 200-300 m apart. ABEM SAS 300 C terameter was used to generate field data. The Schlumberger soundings were carried out with current electrode spacing (AB) ranging from 2-300 m (AB/2 = 1-150 m). The distance used for potential electrode spacing (MN) ranged from 0.3-10 m (MN/2 = 0.15-5 m). The field data were simulated using Winsev software. VES 1 and VES 5 sites show higher potentiality of the groundwater occurrence. The recommended unconfined aquifer as a source of ground water is capable of delivering adequate supply of water to the borehole at perceptible rate by virtue of its thickness since it recharges rapidly. Area of probable groundwater sources have been detected for future drilling operation.


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