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Hypothesis of Early Development of Chicken Embryos

DOI: 10.5923/j.ajb.20120205.01

Keywords: Chickens, Oxidative Stress, Lipid Peroxidation, Kolamin, Succinic Acid, Ribav, The Critical Periods of Incubation

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In this work we set the following goal: to study the influence of a complex usage of such natural metabolites as Kolamin, succinic acid and Ribav upon the acceleration of chicken embrio development, as well as their hatching and viability indices. For the estimation of biochemical indices, standard methods were used, according to the data in the scientific literature (I.P.Kondrakhin, 1985; M.I.Prokhorova, 1982; V.V.Menshikov, 1987; B.I.Antonov, 1991). As a result we found that aerosol processing of incubational eggs by the complex of natural metabolites: ethanolamine, succinate and Ribav makes it possible to neutralize free radical reactions and lipid peroxidation and, as a result, the hypoenergetic conditions in the organism of the fowl, which produces an opportunity to correct the metabolic processes in the critical periods of fetal development. All this causes the optimization of internal homeostasis, and therefore mitigates the negative processes in these stages. In connection with that we can make a conclusion about an early development of chicken embrios, as well as about a positive influence of the metabolites under analysis upon the incubation biocontrol markers.


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