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Assessment of Total Lipid Fractions and Fatty Acids Composition in Raw, Germinated Barleys and Talbina Products

DOI: 10.5923/j.fph.20120201.04

Keywords: Barley, Talbina, Germination, Functional Properties, Total Lipids, Fatty Acids

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Talbina is a food product with high potential applications as a functional food. Talbina was prepared from two barley varieties namely: Giza126 and Giza130 by adding whole barley flour to water (1:10 w/v) and (1:5 w/v) for germinated barley then heating at 80° C for 5 minutes with continuous stirring until reaching a porridge like texture. The study included the fractionation and determinations of the compounds of raw, germinated barley, talbina, germinated talbina and commercial talbina oil. Besides, the all treatments recorded rather slight decrease in crude fat content, which ranged from 1.5 to 2.9%. Using TLC technique the total lipids of raw, germinated barley and their talbina products were fractionated to eight fractions and triglycerides showed the highest percentage among lipid fractions (33.92-60.82%) followed by 1,3diglycerides (6.78-20.43%). The fatty acids analysis revealed that there were 11 fatty acids in the studied treatments oil namely: caprylic, lauric, myristic, palmitic, stearic, arachidic, oleic, linoleic, linolenic and gadoleic. The essential fatty acid linoleic (C18:2) recorded the highest percentage of the unsaturated fatty acids (53.59%) in germinated 130. While palmitic acid (C16:0) recorded the highest value of saturated fatty acids in germinated 126 (17.44%).


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