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Management  2012 

Lean Problem: Why Conpanies Fail with Lean Implementation?

DOI: 10.5923/

Keywords: Lean Thinking, Lean House, Success of Lean Thinking

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Lean thinking approach was reported in many papers to be very efficient and straightforward way towards process improvements in terms of productivity and value adding activities ratio. On other hand, it was also discovered that the system which is working very well in Toyota might not give similar effective results in other companies. Many manufacturers have failed in achieving success of lean thinking implementation. Current study is seeking the reasons of failures in lean thinking implementation. One of the proposals is that companies have to interpret their lean knowledge into own vision in form of lean house. Such proposal is derived from example of Scania, which is one of the best examples of lean thinking implementation outside the Toyota corporation. Study results indicate that success or failure of lean initiatives strongly depends on companies approach to it and on whether company has created they own philosophy towards lean – lean house.


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