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Education  2012 

An Evaluation of Teaching in Kenya

DOI: 10.5923/

Keywords: Education, Learner, Practice, Teaching

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The aim and purpose of this paper is focusing on effective teaching and teaching practice perspective with a view to providing insight into its concept, dimensions, models, objectives, roles and suggest the way forward. Teaching is a complex activity. Its mastery requires systematic training. In Kenya, teacher education institutes have developed a teacher education component referred to as teaching practice which is used to provide pedagogical competence and professional experience to novice teachers. Through teaching practice student teachers are required to do actual teaching in the classroom, solve problems that arise during the lessons and assess learning outcomes. There is of course, no substitute for teaching practice. Teaching practice occupies a key position in the programme of teacher education. It is a culminating experience in teacher preparation. It provides opportunity to beginning teachers to become socialized into the profession. Student teaching, or practice teaching, is the chance for prospective teachers to get into a classroom, be in charge, lesson plan and experience what it is like to have a classroom of students to be responsible for, all under the supervision of a more experienced teacher. A student teaching experience can be positive and beneficial, full of lessons learned, or negative and unhelpful. Teaching practice is an embedded and essential, component of any teacher education programme in Kenya.


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