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Guinea Corn (Sorghum vulgare) Leaf, a Potential Source of Nutrients and Phytochemicals

DOI: 10.5923/j.fph.20120206.07

Keywords: Guinea Corn Leaf, Proximate Composition, Antinutrients, Antioxidant, Phytochemicals

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The leaf of the Guinea corn plant (Sorghum vulgare) was analyzed for the proximate, mineral and antinutritional compositions to determine the distribution of nutrients and antinutrients in the leaf using standard methods. Proximate composition (%) shows carbohydrate (63.76+ 3.26) as the most concentrated nutrient and crude fiber (3.07+0.13) as the least concentrated. Calcium (30.33+ 9.44mg/100g) was the most abundant mineral in the leaf. Selenium (14.74+4.57mg/100g) and manganese (6.13+0.54) were also present in appreciable quantities. Antinutrients such as phytate (235.63+0.01/100g), tannin (7.60+1.00%TAE), flavonoid (0.02+0.00) and cyanide (0.01 + 0.00mg/100g) were present in the leaf. The calculated[ca]/[phytate] molar ratio for the leaf was below the critical value. The foregoing shows Sorghum vulgare leaf as an additional source of food nutrients and phytochemicals with antioxidant properties which hold promise as source of food and herbal medicine in the developing world.


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