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Biomarkers of Metabolic Syndrome in Serum of Some Cigarette Smokers in Delta State, Nigeria

DOI: 10.5923/j.ajb.20120201.02

Keywords: Cigarette, Blood Pressure, Lipids, Body Mass Index

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Cigarette smoking could predispose an individual to a multitude of diseases which include metabolic syndrome. This study evaluates the biomarkers (blood glucose, body mass index [BMI], lipid profile and blood pressure) of metabolic syndrome in serum of some cigarette smokers in Delta State. One hundred apparently healthy male undergraduate students divided into two groups (50 smokers and 50 non-smokers) were recruited for the study conducted between August, 2010 and April 2011. Body mass index (BMI), blood glucose, blood pressure parameters and serum lipid profile were determined using standard procedures. Results indicate that smokers’ systolic (137.67±8.97mmHg) and diastolic (82.14±8.23mmHg) blood pressure measures were significantly (p<0.05) elevated than those of the non-smokers (systolic: 129.93±10.33mmHg, diastolic: 75.20±2.55mmHg). Their body mass index (BMI) were comparable (p>0.05). Lipid profiling reveals that smokers’ HDL-cholesterol level (0.47±0.08mmol/L) was significantly lower than that of the non-smokers (0.72±0.09mmol/L) but both groups expressed comparable LDL-Cholesterol levels, although smokers’ level (6.12±0.34mmol/L) is higher than the non-smokers’ level (6.10±0.42mmol/L). The ratio of HDL: LDL-cholesterol (an index of cardiovascular risk) is higher for non-smokers (0.12) compared with the smokers (0.08). Put together, results imply that smokers have higher risk of developing metabolic syndrome. Therefore, the existence and prevalence of metabolic syndrome among smokers in Delta State, Nigeria, should be investigated and documented for public campaign and formulation of policies that could reduce cigarette smoking.


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