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Nutritional Assessment of Wheat Biscuits and Fortified Wheat Biscuits with Citrus Peels Powders

DOI: 10.5923/j.fph.20120201.11

Keywords: Wheat biscuit, 10%, citrus peel powder fortified biscuits, proximate composition, mineral, physical, sensory characteristics, caloric value

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Citrus peels, the waste by-products of citrus juices factories are reckoned valuable healthful functional food. The present investigation performed to assess nutritional status of wheat and fortified biscuits with citrus peels powders. Study included determination of gross chemical composition, caloric value , minerals (Fe, Mn, Cu, Ca, Mg, Na, K and P) of wheat and fortified biscuits with citrus peels powders. Likewise physical and sensory characteristics of control and 10% fortified wheat biscuits with the four studied citrus peels powders: Tangerine peel powder, Abo-Sora peel powder, Baladi orange peel powder, and Baladi lemon peel powder. The data revealed that 10% incorporation of citrus peels powders in wheat biscuits increased crude protein, crude fat contents as well as crude fiber, moisture contents and caloric value. However, it decreased carbohydrate content. The supplementation of control biscuits with 10% citrus peels powders of the four studied citrus enhanced the nutritive value. The data revealed that all 10% fortified biscuits with the four studied citrus peels powders improved all studied sensory characteristics in all the studied biscuits. Moreover, biscuits fortified with 10% citrus peel powders. Could be recommended for caloric reduced diets for obese, over-weight persons and diabetic persons.


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